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What is coworking?

Coworking is a term used to describe a shared working environment that is used by a group of people that do not work for the same employer.  Over the past 10 years hundreds of coworking offices have opened up around the world, especially in large cities.

The Idea Room is a small coworking community that connects professionals, solopreneurs and small business owners, bringing them together under one roof.  You no longer have to work alone - we have everything that you need to be successful, including a tight knit community to support and inspire you throughout your journey.

The Benefits of Coworking

There are many benefits to coworking at The Idea Room, including but not limited to networking with other members, office setup (furniture, supplies, printer, etc.), ongoing events and workshops, potential to collaborate with members that compliment your service offer, no large overhead and long-term leases and the ability to share creative ideas and knowledge in a collaborative environment.  

For a relatively small monthly investment, members of The Idea Room have the opportunity to grow their business without the overhead costs found in a traditional office.  This allows our members to have the resources to invest in both themselves and their business without large capital demands.

Is coworking for you?

If you’re a professional, remote worker,  small business owner, freelancer or solopreneur that works from home or coffee shops, it’s time to move into collaborative environment that will motivate you to an all new level.

What are our amenities?

We provide everything that you will find in a traditional office, minus the cubicles and overhead.  We don’t have a dedicated receptionist because we want every member to be active in the community, filling in when need be.

The Idea Room offers a business address for Google My Business, full mail service, a print centre, high speed WiFi, boardroom with HDTV and Google Chromecast, a meeting room, kitchenette, unlimited coffee and tea and much more. 

Why use our space?

We’re truly a hybrid of the traditional coworking spaces found in cities such as Toronto, Hamilton and Burlington.  We truly are a small community that is focused on collaborating with one another as a means to help each other grow.  Still not convinced?  Why not try us out for a day?

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