Make More Connections, Get More Sales

Don’t be fooled by the myth of the lone wolf entrepreneur.  And don’t let the story of the person who built an empire solely because they managed to “lift themselves up by their bootstraps” convince you that working alone is necessary to achieve success.  Yes, hard work and self-discipline are important tools, but it’s connection that propels a business forward.  Connection creates the opportunities necessary for all of that hard work to pay off.

Connection is Essential

When asked about their business connections, most people think about networking.  Networking conjures up images of bad coffee, nametags, and forced small talk – three reasons why those traditional schmooze-fests are anxiety producing at their worst, and boring at best.  The real reason no one thinks they enjoy networking is because there’s no sincerity. 

When we talk about connection here, we’re talking about finding a source of common ground, creating a sense of community, and simultaneously building a network – and a business.  Ditch those traditional networking events, and look to grow your company in a way that’s genuine, gathering loyal fans in the process.  Here’s how:

Know Your Customers

The most successful companies are the ones that take the time to understand their customers.  The better a business is able to connect with their followers’ deepest desires the more likely their messaging will be heard over the competition. Instead of telling people the logical features and benefits of a product, show them how that product can make them feel.  Stir up their passion, and they’ll be more likely to hand over their credit card.

Help Your Community

Look for opportunities to help others in your community without expecting anything in return.  Offer a few pro-bono hours to a local charity you admire, or spend an afternoon mentoring high school kids interested in your area of work.  Find ways to share your insights and talents that compliment the way you make a living.   You’ll start to be recognized as a thought leader in that community, raising the profile of your company and helping you reach more customers.

Meet Other Entrepreneurs

Coworking offers a dedicated desk space and the chance to work alongside other entrepreneurs in your community.  You’ll be able to share ideas and challenges with your peers as you build your company – and grow your professional network at the same time.  Skip the noisy coffee shop and get to know other business owners in your city.  (If you’re in the Hamilton, Waterdown, or Burlington area, click here to try coworking free.)

Be Introduced to New Customers

Access a new group of potential customers by partnering with a complimentary business.  If your company is experiencing stalled growth, the right partnership could provide the infusion of energy needed to take your business to the next level.  The key is to find a business with shared values, and work together on a mutually beneficial agreement.  Contact us to learn more about our Joint Venture Partner Program.

Participate in Groups

Professional Mastermind Groups offer the chance to sharpen your corporate skillset while expanding your network.  These groups meet regularly (typically 1-2 times per month), and offer a combination of problem-solving, education, accountability, and peer support.  Members benefit from the unique experiences and backgrounds of everyone within the group as they each work towards achieving their goals. Contact us to find a Mastermind Group in the Waterdown, Hamilton, or Burlington area.

Are you ready to grow your network, and your company?  Let’s connect.  Join the Greater Hamilton Business community.  Bring your ideas to life.  Contact us to learn more.

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